A disturbing new trend

In the last few days I’ve heard people yelling from cars, or the side of the road “FIXIES!” in some sort of way. not sure if it’s malicious or not… well the guy who yelled “get a fucking brake you fixie fucker” was probably malicious… but has anyone else noticed this recently?

I’ve been subject to such treatment only twice, once was in the first week of riding fixed, and the other was a few weeks ago riding down Bridge Rd. Pity I didn’t have any eggs on me at the time, or I could’ve thrown them at the ppl and got a name for myself, something like ‘The angry egg throwing fixie rider of Kew’.

someone yelled at me to ‘RIDE FASTER!!’ on sunday… not really related, but a little strange all the same

Someone lent out of the passenger window and asked me if I wanted some good ‘go faster drugs’

apparently all cyclists take drugs!

I was told ‘fuck off you fuckin’ fatarse fixie fuck’, during a spirited exchange of views with a short man in a land cruiser about a month ago. Alliterative and accurate, and at least the dude could tell what I was riding.

Lately, mostly it’s been me yelling at idiot drivers :evil:

I was riding through the city down Geroge Street about a month ago, on my way home from the pub. This “fully sick” car pulls up next to me at a set , and I’m thinking here comes the standard fuckwit comment, and I wasn’t disapointed. The dude in the passenger seat says “Where’s you helmet?” I just ignore him.

He then reachs into the car to produce a condom and says, “Quick take this, you need some protection on the roads!” I laughed so fuckin hard, he was even cool enough to let me tow the rest of the distance before I needed to turn off. It’s nice to have a nice suprise for a change.


nice surprises are nice.
i was stomping thru traffic at 10 to 5 with bullet jobs on and was coming up to some lights, fully planning on jumping them.
as i slid the last couple of meters looking right i happened to notice the 4 pushie cops standing on the street corner on my left…
track stood for a few seconds while the light changed and got a freindly wave from 2 of the four as i jumped the light by a fraction of a second. one of them was pissing himself laughing at the expression on my face as i realised how close i’d come to running a red in front of the whole brisbane CBD bike police section.
final comment was a “good timing” from the youngest one.

If that wasn’t so offensive I’d have that as a signiture!!!

It prolly was a good thing you stopped. But I’m guessing had you jumped them they would have had bugger all chance catching you :wink:
The Bike cops in Sydney carry something like 8kg’s of gear with them on trek mountain bikes? More mobile than a dude on foot, but not what I’d call quick.

We’ve also had the Bike Squad commander out watching us do trials all over the beach rocks at Maroubra one day too, t’was quite the cool guy.

Tell you what, I did about 40km fixed last sunday over to Tocumwal and back, I was passed by about 3 cars, 2 trucks and heard the kangaroos say something from the side of the road, but couldnt quite make out what it was! dont think it was offensive though!

However I can appreciate that this isnt always the case, Hang in there you city folk!

That would have been me…

You should have just ran the red.

That would have been me…

Nah, the bloke was too good-lookin’

Well last night after having a session at the museum riding along lygon street in search of a hot choc at 11.30pm a pedestrian yelled out “GET SOME GEARS YOU STUPID FIXIE RIDERS” WITH A BIG GRIM ON HIS FACE. But it didn’t stop there he went on and on and on about derailliers and free wheels and shifters and cables and everything needed to ride a geared bike. The only thing that stopped him was that we were out of range of his screaming voice