A few bikes from back home...

I’m pretty new to Melbourne (been here about a month, probably going to be staying about a year), and completely new to the forum, so this is my ‘hello’ post.
I’m from the uk, and if any of you use lfgss, you might recognise me. I’m working at BikeNow in South Melbourne, and am riding various bikes at the moment. I was riding a Specialized Crux Apex around town a bit for the last couple of weeks, but that’s gone back to the shop now. I’m building up a new project at the moment, but here’s a selection of some past and present bikes from back home, for now:

Harrison TT conversion (753 tubing, 24" front)

Shorter TT bike

Old Alan cross bike

Poyner pursuit (not built like this anymore, mostly period-correct campag stuff on there now, and the frame is raw, but I don’t have a photo)

Dolan Pre-Cursa (sold this before leaving the country)

Planet-X pursuit bike (I don’t have any photos of it finished, but I sold the frame before coming here)

Keep your eyes peeled for the next one…


I’m a big fan of the pursuit and the TT frames.

Bring any over??

What kind of chickens did you have?

i really like dolans, not sure why

I’m not in Australia deliberately. I’ve been living on a boat for the last year/sailing all over the world. Ended up in the Philippines with no money, so decided my best bet was to come and work in Australia on a years working holiday visa. Hence bikes are still in England, unfortunately.

I think they’re rhode island reds or something. I only really care about the eggs, to be honest.

As I’m staying in your country for a while, I’ve decided to go for an Australian-built frame. In the process of buying/building wheels for a Hillbrick steel track frame. Watch this space…