A few kewl frames. Look, Bianchi

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Shit the bed, that’s an obsession right there. Dude loves exclamation marks too!!!

Oh that KG196 … be still my beating heat

They are all on eBay, I really want that silver look.
I rode one of those bianchi dual lies back in the day and it was so rad.

Any link to Ebay? How much would one of these Looks go for?

but dayne, its aero! =P

+1 though, i want that silver look too

I want the blue one.

I had a bid on a complete a while back. Went for about 1100 iirc

Found them, 357delta | eBay

so nice - what a collection!

Buy one.

Buy one
Dual Carbones

I would be happy with either look. God damn they are nice.

someone i know bought the bianchi mtb. lawl.

he lied. he bought the 196 and the montello…

However “he” continues to lie

Uhhhh, no…

(Unless you are secretly saying you bought it, (which given your shamal collection I wouldn’t be surprised), here were two 196s…)

dude has added a very nice TVT lemond

All good… frame is actually a KG186