A free agent in Melbourne town

Got a few hours to kill in between appointments today in melbourne.

Floating around like my namesake.

Good bike stuff to do?


Just eat lots, that’s what I do in melb.

The CBD is a bit of a ghost town for good bike shops. If you’re willing to travel I hear Northside Wheelers is good and there’s always Shifterbikes not too far away.

Alternatively rent a blue bike and go nuts.

Edit: Saint Cloud might be worth a look.

Looked up shifter, pony, St. Cloud. Everyone seems to be closed today.

Got my SSCX here, might just ride around like a tool

Go chew the fat with bike dorks at Commuter (take doughnuts for brownie points). Get a coffee at the newly opened St Ali North on the bike path, adjoining Velo Cycles.

Get a slurpee.

yarra trails.

Pretty much. I put on two kilos in the week I was there. Sonido, god damn.

lord of the fries, try everything on the menu

Play my PS3 all day

come to MNR tonight :cool:

Is St Ali back in the coffee game? Coffee Machine Thieves Hit St ALi North - Food & Drink - Broadsheet Melbourne

yep, was there today. they’ve got at least one la marzocco (think that was it) running. was good coffee.

Ended up having breakfast with BO Dave, rad dude

Sat in the park

Rode to the arse end of fuckwhere to visit a potential client on his lunch break

Visit the most rad machine shop ever

Watched as Andy and Caz took photos of one of my bikes in a location dripping with character (that sounds wrong)

Had paella and beer with pretty much the best builders and best people around, Dazza of Llewellyn has great stories when he is getting a bit pissed

But time to love you and leave you Melbourne. Well rad place but I reckon i would never get any work done if I lived here.

Back to reality tomorrow, great to see everyone and meet all the new people, see you next time

Ahh, sweet. More collabos in future I hope.

Speed shop?

Collabos may be happening :smiley:

And visited Jesse at Bike Bar… Oh man

Radness. Yeah, that space is pretty awesome.