A french man in sydney

hi all.

i m julien from paris. we are coming, my girlfriend and I in January in sydney for a one year WTvisa.

We d love to know where to stay (like fixed areas…) and wanna find jobs here uin australia…as courrier or fixed gear shopworker…
Any ideas???

thx for help.


Sydney? Naaah mate, you don’t want to go there. Sydney’s full of spivs with shiny suits and bad dye-jobs all cruising around in flash motors with their sunglasses on their heads, barking into their iphones and looking for bike riders to run over.

And it’s hilly.

Come to Melbourne instead.

i thought this was the start to a joke.

but if you come to melbourne, there is no work to be had as a courier at present.

That’s what I thought too!

“a french man in sydney” sounds like the title of some kind of er, adult film

And to answer your question regarding “fixed gear shopworker” - they really isn’t many fixed-specific bike shops in Sydney or Melb. You’d find work in a regular bike shop though.

and then???

polo places? ridings? good areas to stay?
we ll make 6 months in sydney and then travel…


Hook, line and sinker!

hill are good for ya, Sydney has amazing beach’s with ‘plenty’ to look at, and it almost never rains…

  • there is also Paris cafe and if you can’t find work in a bike store and don’t mind a bit of hard work i’m always looking for good kitchen hands…

and don’t you need 2 parisian pair of hands? :roll:

is your café le paris-go in bondi?


you are right… cale is definitely going to dominate the CBD now he is ‘on the circuit’. :smiley:

fuck being a courier. i’ve missed two days of work because of shitty radios.


i just gone pulled myself a sugakanye


If you’re like every other french person i’ve met you like to smoke alot, i know a couple of french dudes living here at the moment and that’s all they do.
and they say Melbourne is way better, nightlife places to ride and skate, not as many soft top 40yr old cocks with their collar’s popped.

Sydney would be nice if nobody from sydney lived there

What’s wrong with Sydney?


Whats wrong with Sydney