A guy walks into a forum/another wheel and hub Q


I’m looking at picking up a set of velocity aeroheads or mavic open pros but just not sure what hubs to go for. All up, I’m looking to spend about $600 - $700. Any advice?


also, is your username a june of 44 reference?

If you are going to spend that much, buy some Phils and lace 'em to open pros … that is if you’re using them for the street.

If you want something more light weight, use White Industries hubs. But you might have to fiddle with the axle ends and it does not use a 42 mm chainline.


What are you going to use the weels for? Street thrashing/ track racing/ general posuering? :evil:
This will inform the best hub choice. ie sealed bearings for the street…

I don’t think the budget stretches to Phils.

~$200 for rims, ~$200 for spokes and labour, leaves $300 for hubs (and lockring & cog).

White Industries might fit the budget though. And having ridden and owned both WI and Phils, I would go for WI unless you want hubs to pass on to your great grandchildren.

Don’t know that much about hubs, but goddamn June of 44 were a great band.


Also the best rim colour choice :evil:

He he, yeah I’m having trouble choosing between Spearmint Green, Safety Yellow and Fanta Orange. I think I’m just going to get a set of each so I can change 'em depending on what I’m wearing :smiley:

Thanks for the tips all. Looks like the white industries will be ideal. I saw on their website that there’s a stockist in Brisbane - anyone know if someone in melbourne sells them?

Yep, the name is a june of 44 reference and they sure were great.

Shifterbikes ?

Definitely Phil

Set of Phils laced to velocity rims by Shifterbikes on ebay at moment…

Phils are great- really strong and overdesigned, but I’ll be honest here, they’re damn ugly, and really heavy… just saying…

From afar, Phil hubs IMO look really cheap. Personal opinion!

But I saw Rogaines in person today and they look sooooo nice.

I got to agree there. I love the idea of getting a good set of hubs, but they look big and clunky compared to the sleek lines of Dura Ace.

i reckon phils look shit hot.


I’m with nexus- give me a Dura Ace or even a Suzue Pro Max… yeah!