A hard ask? Off the shelf track/fixie frame with tight clearances/traditional geo?

I wouldn’t mind building a more modern bike than my Petrus…I have some ideas in mind I’d like to try with modern parts and IMO its not appropriate on a rare 30+ year old frame.

I’m looking for something thats preferably off the shelf and not hellishly expensive (say ~$1k max frame/fork), aluminium, tight clearances (doesn’t necessarily have to take a brake), classic geometry in terms of steep angles, low rake, short wheelbase, squarish sizing and a flat or low-pro style top tube/headtube (don’t like the look of compact sizing with a mountain bike style sloping tt). I don’t need anything crazy in sizing, 54cm will suit fine.

Ideas? Buy something like a leader and run a track fork?

If you don’t mind waiting a while…
low bicycles

I think I would rather have a Cinelli over a leader.

LDG LD:Labs Frames are nice, and fit your criteria, except for lo-pro geo. They have a horizontal top tube.

i’d love one.

Kagero seems like what you want? Or go crazy and buy a toro. They are ridiculous.


My picks in no order
Specialized langster pro,
Colossi has a new curved seat stay bike like a cervelo it’s rad email Eric
Or a Kagero

Or shy not go steel? If you like modern style tubing there’s Columbus Os
Dylan has a very cool one built by kumo Keith
It will be over a g but very cool


New Kagero’s have super nice geo, we got stock at the moment and will free shipping for you down to Tasmania.

30mm rake fork
50mm bb drop (nice and high)

Superb Bicycle — Superb Sprint Track Frameset, High Polish w/Gloss Black Threaded Fork

These things are almost stupidly tight.

I think they are stupid tight
You cant even run 23’s they suck if you ask me
The tyre almost touches the down tube with a 20mm

Kagero looks good for sure. Don’t mind LD labs, horizontal TT is A-OK with me, I just don’t go much on frames that slope backwards compact style. No issues at all with steel, but kind of thinking big tubes, wide fork blades etc, the opposite of my Petrus really…Columbus OS could fit for sure.
Good food for thought, like all the suggestions, cheers everyone!

I can confirm this… In saying that i’m still riding with the stock fork and 700x20 front tyre. Just makes riding a challenge when you are on pot hole lookout the whole time. I have a new colossi fork sitting the garage waiting to go on.

My low is really tight but the only issue is toe overlap at slow speeds.

All sounds good so far! Definitely like the Lows, Superb Sprint and Kagero. My Petrus is pretty tight but as noted I have no issues of significance with toe overlap etc, so I’m not too concerned if its tight.

Bianchi Super Pista?

A Cinelli with pink bits? (Vigorosa)

Jumping back a little bit, guys. Snappy, have you ever ridden one or seen one in the flesh? (LOW, that is) Or know anyone that has? Tried searching the forum but “low” is obviously a pretty common word…

And moving back on topic, if you want a super tight track/fixie frame check out a Dodici Leggero. Ridden a friends and with a 23 x 700c it’s virtually rubbing the frame! Great bike to ride, as well.

For something a bit more aggressive…I’m currently riding a Mash Histogram. Dodici Special looks interesting too.

PM user: Kiasu

He has a low. Tow overlap is heinous at low speeds. But I suspect that it’s a bigger issue on smaller frames.

Otherwise it’s a nice frame and rides nice!

If you want a superb I’m selling mine!

“A while” in this case is 10 and a half months from your down payment. Mine landed yesterday. It was a long and drawn out wait, especially after I was told 8 months.

Have you bought yet Floody?

I can vouch for these, mines a 55 and I don’t have any issues with toe overlap (43 shoe & 28 tyre). Rides very similar to my Mash. Are you Syd based? Can have a pedal on mine for a feel if you want. Only possible problem is I’m not sure they’re available here.