A heads up for the lycra lovers [Melb]

I regularly peruse the 2XU shop in the DFO (or whatever it is) in Southern Cross. Went through yesterday and they’re having a massive sale on cycling gear. I picked up $200 2XU performance cycling jersey for $40. They have heaps on sale. Starting from $20 or so for plain jersey’s (red/navy/darkgreen/black), reduced from $120+.

Lots of other recovery goodies in there as well. $10 compression socks reduced from $50. I practically live in the couple pairs I have.

+1 to this. Though last time they only seemed to have S or XXXL.

I did score a great pair of 3/4 shorts from Khatmandu though. $120 marked down to $20. So, worth checking in there too.

Yeah if you’re a small, you’re certainly spoilt for choice. Fortunately I manage to shoe-horn myself into a medium.

I’ve also picked up a pair of 3/4 bib knicks there for $60 reduced from $220.