A little Maxcident

you know when you just have one of those days, where it feels like a whole swathe of good work is wrecked by one tired movement? I had one of those yesterday…

I had just finished my new Columbus MAX roadie, and I was well chuffed. The drive side dropout needed to be set out by 3mm, not much and pretty standard procedure. In my tired and hasty state I set about to cold set the chainstay, but I put too much of my back into it and rippled the damn chainstay

Now there is a ~1-2mm bulge just next to the BB lug and I am kicking myself, but really these things just happen and framebuilding is never easy.

So I now have to replace the DS chainstay which will be an arse of a job, so in the meantime I have built the beast up and am gonna ride it nude. because I can!

end vent…

yes, I know that feeling.
I was tapping an old style downtube boss thread out to 5mm and I turned the tap 1 turn to far, the tap bottomed out on the frame and popped the boss of the frame.

that’ll buff right out.

That’s unsafe to ride! You’ll have to start over from scratch.

I know a good local scrapper, i can take it there for you?