A ma chisit to get tubulers fitted

Pretty much what the top part says, I bought a set of wheels and they turned out to be tubular.

I’ve never had tubuler’s before and know nothing about how much a set of tyres cost for em or how much a bike shops gonna charge to glue em on.

I’m guessing I could do it myself cos it cant be that hard, but its just the for the bike I ride to work on so I dont even know wether they would last?

Someone tell me something about this and ill give you an e- wheel of cheese and a goat.


Abbotsford cycles has some cheap ones I think they’re $30. Probably free installation too… or ten bucks or something.

Oh Yiea I’m in Sydney too so no wheel of cheese and goat for you

Inner city cycles( glebe point road) havent treated me bad so far so untilll they do go see em’ there is an english guy in the workshop knows his shit.

life hands you lemons? make lemonade.

get some cheap tyres and an intermenet how-to guide and do it yrself.

You can get tubular tape now that can make the issue of gluing a hell of a lot less sticky, messy and painful. I just got some cheap Vittoria tubs from wiggle, put in an order over $100 and they’ll post for free!

DON’T get cheap tubular tyres or tubular rim tape, it’s a fast track to hating them for ever.

Think about it: If you GLUE a cheap tyre onto your wheel you WILL get PUNCTURES and that’s the end of it.

I’ve done literally tens of thousands of kms on tubulars and absolutely love them. If you tell me what sort of riding are you intending to do I’ll tell you a reliable tub to get.

Oh Cool, some good stuff here.

I ride from Annandale to the city and back and also will basically try to ride over or off anything that wont snap my frame in half, So i’m after the most affordable strongest tubular, what costs am I looking at.

There’s your first problem… :evil:

i don’t get it. i was think of getting these:
and attaching them to the wheel using this:

not a good idea?

You can do what ever you want.

One of the main reasons for using tubulars is the beautiful feel and lack of rolling resistance. There’s only a few tyres on the market that will strike a good balance between this and puncture protection. . . . . . and this isn’t one of them.

I sell Vittoria Strada’s for $40 a piece.
Here is a tutorial.



which do you recommend? and what’s wrong with the tape instead of glue?


I refuse to use inner city cycles anymore, when I was a kid they used to part sponsor me for DownHill and I had the fondest memories of the shop.

Then I went back there after returning to Sydney Last year and placed an order for 1x 27 to be built up with that pommie guy and ended up having to call twice a week for 3 weeks and each time got a bullshit story to why it wasn’t done so I just gave up on em. Ive heard there’s a great shop in Newtown but I just don’t want to give Inner city Business.

I think I might throw an order to cyclic for the mad hippie giving me a tutorial and prices.

Will the Stradas stand up to bad surfaces and will I need to run like a million psi in them?

Mad Hippie wins the promised e- wheel of cheese and goat.

Make mine a mountain goat…
Hightail if you must.


As promised,