A Rim Job

So…it’s official. The Superbes will be built the week after next.

The problem is, what rims to get?

I want to get something with a very low profile, even an old style box section rim. It has to be eyeletted of course. And it has to be silver. And it has to be a clincher - otherwise I’d just get the red label Fiammes.

They’ll be 36H 3x front and rear.

So far the possible contenders are:
-Open Pros
-DT RR1.1 (but they look too modern I think)
-Velocity Aero or Fusion

Any one tried these Velocitys or got any other suggestions?

Joel, Rogaine - I’m expecting you to help out here!

The best place to get a ‘rim job’ is thailand, but the cheapest is in balikpapin in Borneo… :smiley:

Mind out of the gutter…

Open Pros would be my choice!

I have velocity aero. No complaints. Just get rid of the ugly stickers and all will be right.


I vote Open Pro!

I love the velocity aerohead - I’ve built up a few and even though they’re light (about 400g) they’re yet to be trued. available 24-36 hole.

  • Joel

Don’t pass up either MA3s or Velocity Razor, polished, without checking them out. Aeros next choice of Velocity, be nice to keep it in country!!

The end point is personal taste, these low profile, more old skool, may do the job??

I voted open pro, then I saw Dans in the moon light last night.

Can’t get much more BLING than that!

Thanks for the responses guys.

I guess I’ll have a look at the Velocitys and the Open Pros and whichever one looks nicer with the Superbes will win.

When is shiny polished aluminium gonna come back into vogue?

Stay tuned…

the velocity razor is (I think) the only eyeletted rim in their line-up. Very similar to the open-pro. When a customer wants open pros and you can’t get them (common) you get Razors instead. Nice stuff. Support Australian manufacturers!

  • Joel

Old or newer superbe? Ive had both, and though asthetically LESS pleasing, if you build old superbe (camp style) radially, expect to warp the flange walls.

I was told in advance but went for it regardless :wink: Theyre still rolling after 12 months working on them everyday in rain, snow, ice, and a bit of sun here and there.



Gold Fusion!

Aeroheads are great if you are light and kind to your wheels. Lynn at CTA built me Aeroheads on Phils (28H) and they lasted 2 months :frowning: due to me being 90kg and then I’d put my luggage on my back which is another 30kg…

Email lynn or PM him.

I guess they’re earlyish. I was told they’re 1981. They’re still boxed and completely unused, and low flange 36H. See below.

I’m going to do 3x front and rear just for a change. My other front wheels are radial.

Maybe I’ll go the Aeros instead. Inevitably I’ll change my mind constantly up until sometime next week when I call Dan and then I’ll just pick one mostly at random.