a straight block

And i always thought i knew what one was…

Regina CX Freewheel 6-Speed RARE 16t Straight Block NOS - eBay (item 120633723121 end time Nov-12-10 14:05:49 PST)

Struggling to answer the “Why?”.

Serious answer: You could replace individual sprockets BITD, so seller has assembled it from spares for lolz, like Spirito’s Cinelli pista-pasta auction.

Joke answer: It’s a bridging step for singlespeeders trying to make the leap to geared bikes. It’s for early Campy derailleurs which can’t handle more than 0T difference in sprockets. You run TA cranks with 6 different chainrings and have a perfect chainline all the time.

I think in one of the sellers earlier descriptions of it he suggested it was for singlespeeders doing the RAAM (race across america) so they wouldn’t have to unscrew freewheels when one ran out, wasting precious time.

But yeah, I think he said that for lulz.

bike nerd lulz. the lulziest lulz of them all!

one of our international clients was quoted saying of this :

“Δεν έχω δει ποτέ τίποτα ως αναισθητοποίηση ή σπάνιων στη ζωή μου”

jens voigt rides with one of these, except his cogs are all 11.

Translation being “I’ve never seen anything as stunning or rare in my life”