A thread worth watching

Jump on over to Rotorburn and check this thread out from start to current.

road bike build - from scratch

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a thread worth watching

Great thread, thanks for the link. I love the idea of pinning the lugs in place while brasing the join.

wow, utterly brilliant

Great read! Once you start reading, you can’t stop. Can’t wait to learn how to build frames! Headed to hang out Hong Kong end of May to hang out with Mr Colossi himself and learn how it all works and will hopefully be back next year as part of a university work integrated learning project for a semester :slight_smile:

Just spied his blog on his frame plans.

Loki Cycles

what a brill guy!

That was a thread worth reading, even though I had to do it on my phone! So good, so so good.

Amazing. It only took him about four months too.