A Vigorelli in Melbourne

Cinelli Vigorelli Fixed Gear Bicycle | eBay


I’m looking at getting it if Kitcourier doesn’t steal it off me. Track bike! Racing! Wew

Cheep and cheerful! :slight_smile: Would ride/buy if I had a need/was my size!

good price, hopefully the dent isn’t too bad.

All yours abird. Ask him if he/she will take $500 cash today!

If it was smaller, I’d already own it. I wouldn’t mind one of these.

Good plan!

I have NFI idea about anything that isn’t Shimano (even then I have mostly NFI), are the cranks on this bike any good for actual track use (not street fixie)

they’re good enough at that price. change em once u decide track is for u.

They are fine, square taper 107bb 144bcd so easy,
Just grab a cycle underground ring and your set.

I had a set of those cranks, and funnily enough on a vigorelli too. They were fine.
EDIT only on the street, sorry didnt read to the end of your post

Hey man, let me know if you bail. This looks perfect for the relaunch of my track career!

#newbikeday for me
Picked it up this evening :wink:

#foamafia in effect right there.

this was listed already and took no bids at $500, i wondered why no one took it the first round.