A VISP with Stars wheels, ya reckon?

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$650’s a bit steep?!

ok i thought this was the same bike, but its not…


this makes me wonder why there are 2 people on the planet stupid enough to put together a bike with the same hideous colour scheme

Not a visp.
Looks like a leader or a pre-2009 fuji track.

So much for Honesty
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I had this on as what i thought was a factual low key description.No custom wank BS.
12 bloody watchers, 1 bidder.Sold and then renieged cos it didn’t have brakes.

I msgd the guy for details but he didn’t reply.

  • 3/4 Carbon Fire Front Fork

Track frame made for a fixed gear bike


soz dylan, but definitely a VISP

hold on, i’ll post my fuji, you tell me if it looks the same

frame looks same, yes?

similar. the seat stays join the seat tube lower on the fuji. the dropout on the ebay one are chunkier than the fiju.
and if it was a fuji, why wouldn’t you list it as such. and not build it up with the cheapest parts the internet can buy?

ps, sweet ride, love the track pro!

Thanks dude!
For a moment i was driving along, thinking to myself ‘ah hell, I’ve bought a visp with a glossy paintjob’
I now concur, visp.

They guy replied, and I quote… “there is no brand i bought it of ebay im not sure weather it is steal of (or ?) aluminum”.

So there… you could get a steel… made of steal. With some tires… at least he got ‘brake’ right. FFS !

hey at least we know exactly which frame they ripped off when “designing” that model of VISP huh?

more like we know which factory makes leader, fuji visp and what the markups are like ?(someone is still making money selling a visp frame for $139)

Mate of mine works for one of the bike distributors, he says his boss went to taiwan and toured the factory that made 20 or so different brands of bikes, including giant.
All the same stuff, just a little different.