A work in progress

At lats request here are some pics of my first ever fixie project.
Got the frame and fork from deadlytreddly for a VERY nice price, but she was in need of a makeover.

Sent her straight to a local powdercoater for a spruce up.

She is a Bennett frame and fork but I am not happy with the fork rake from the original and am looking for one with a straighter profile.
I am tryng to get some replacement stickers made for her.
As you can see from the original pic the original stickers were worse for wear so we havee little to work with.
Unfortunately I stupidly did not take any pics of them either and so am not 100% sure what the headtube stickers etc looked like.

Google has not been helpful either and I have not been able to find any Bennett’s to compare to.

Wheels are Suzue hubs laced with double butted spokes to UKAI rims.

Basically I am still looking for just about everything else with the exception of a headset.

Ebay has been cruelly void of suitable parts at the moment as has the For Sale section here.

Oh well.
I will just have to make do with this bad boy in the mean time. :smiley:

It’s looking good TR, it’d be great to see it all finished. I’ve been trying to track down some nice steel forks for a while and still no luck… doesnt appear to be much around… Nice finish, which powdercoater did you use?

Northside Powdercoaters at Everton Hills.
Not as many choices as the place that Dillon used but I was happy with the colour that I got.
A couple of nice forks on international ebay but they are in the UK so would be pretty costly to get over here.

These may be OK if you are happy to go threadless (I am not).


Didn’t I tell you to go to Bicycle Revolution and have a look down the side?

Crappy cameraphone shots:

Bigger available here:

It’s down the covered section that’s between revolution and reverse garbage. Hanging up about 3/4 of the way down.

For extra points, make the stickers say Benotto and watch as ndf steals it while you sleep.

I did go and have a look but did not find it there.
I will cruise over there again this morning and try and find it.
Looks like it has a proper head tube badge too.
Mine was just a sticker.