Abbotsford Swap Meet #2 22/11/08

Git on down and grab a bargain!

Dope! :smiley:

Damn it I’m out of the country :x

So glad this is happening again, missed the last one.

Who was the dude with the stack of rims goin’ cheap? They sounded … interesting :smiley:

I will definately be there to buy shit and not try to sell anything this time!

For those who havent been, basically its all junky type trash and treasure stuff, good for finding a rare spare or something unexpected.

Super record parts… meh yawn. :slight_smile:


Yep :smiley:

does anybody know what time this gig kicks off? cheers.

Lets have a look at that link. 9.30am - 3pm you say?

geez, another one catches the disease. i swear it’s an epidemic. good thing i’m single - safe for the time being.

i was hoping to go to this, but i’ll be running around making a fool of myself in the Rat Race.

Does anybody here have a stall I could throw a couple of things in? I’ve been looking around my place and keep tripping over bike bits, mostly roadie stuff like some pedals/seat posts etc and would love to get rid of some of it.

PM me if you can help me out.

You should stick it up here in Parts For Sale

I will if I get no love from Abbotsford. It’s good to be able to see stuff in the flesh and haggle, and for me to be able to use my Jedi selling skills to get you over the line and purchase. “You will buy this item” waves hand infront of face Jedi style

I’ve got a boxed vintage BIA stem and a couple of other bits like a nice Hatta headset that I’d like to swap.

nice day for it. hope they got enough room inside.

It was super wet, but I got some sweet azonic risers.

Pleas tell me someone bought this…

i got a cute sakae stem and some rad shiny drops, some really interesting stuff there