ACE the acronym

Anyone else read about this yesterday in fairfax?

Australian Cycling Executives | sustainable business connections via a shared passion

Apparently 2500 people have applied and failed to meet requirements, so theyre thinking of a Australian Cycling Professionals group, too.

These guys ride together, networking, then finish up a cafe, where their coffees are already made and waiting, then listen to a presentation on business stuffs by a corporate sponsor. Apparently business card exchanges are VERY common. They also have a bunch of ambassadors, pro and up n coming cyclists, who I guess go along and ride with them and maybe they get some sponsorship out of it.

I don’t have a problem with this idea (though i do feel sick in the guts about it, so actually, i do), here are my thoughts:

  1. If it helps Aussie cyclists get financial sponsorship, awesome!
  2. I feel sorry for these people. They are apparently busy and important at work, and probably spend a lot of time there, and now their cycling is being turned into a quasi-work engagement too. I know they aren’t foreced to join, but some probably see it as an opportunity lost and feel that they should join.
  3. Limiting memebrship to (as the article states) decision makers in medium to large sized businesses (which as I understand it, means 20 or more employess) seems like a bad idea. Since when was networking something that should be stratified by number of employees?
  4. Bunches on the road who try to remain exclusive gives me the irrits. I remember once on beach road (years ago)someone told me to drop off as I was in the middle of a training session. I think it was John Kennedy (the other one), and eventhough he is a tiny waife who I could smash, I obliged. It’s not a nice vibe, to have these moving zones of exclusion.

I agree with your points.

Everything’s a networking opportunity now.

Also, “cycling is the new men’s shed”.