ACMC 2010

ACMC Sydney 2010
Who’s going from

7 Brisbane messengers will be traveling south.
A record for Brisbane i believe :slight_smile:


this weekend apparently.

yup Easter weekend. This weekend!

Couple of Adelaide dudes (Rick and Kouriah Dan) will be there…

Dan n Nate was good to have you stay over, spa party last night was fucking rad, though gypsy, I never want to see you in a g-string again.

Maija, sorry i didnt get to play any polo with ya!

Kale, you’re welcome for pancakes any time (Pip sorry you didnt get an invite, next time man!)

Congrats to Brian, though you must be getting bored of it, 3 years running.

Was great to see everyone else too!
Brisbane next year!!

Thanks for letting us stay again Lewis! I shall see you at THROW UP! anyways!

Was a schweet weekend! Good to catch up with freinds and heaps of new people aswell. ACMC Brisbane 2011 :slight_smile:

better steer clear of the gearbrisbane blog over the next few days;)

Thanks heaps for putting us up lewis! was great to met everyone! see ya’ll soon(throw u or polo nats?)