Acmc 2011

Only a couple of months away, thought it was time to get a thread up. Over the Easter weekend.

Any of the Brisvegas wanna hype it up a bit?

Who’s going? Bound to be an amazing time for all! Drinking, racing, partying, friends, sun, bewwwddddy.

sounds good eh?

we got a draft schedule happening.
however it is confirmed that all ‘points’ events will be held between friday 2pm and sunday 5pm
followed by presentations
this should be enough info so far to arrange flights.
some other ‘non-points’ events may be held before or after this time period, (it’s a five day weekend this year), so feel free to come earlier and stay later.
(monday should be a great day…more info later)
we are pretty excited here and looking forward to hosting a great weekend
stay tuned for more hype !!

After mostly sorting out the main race course this morning, we are putting the call out for some helpers!!

we will need around 10 ppl for the checkpoints, local guys and interstate welcome!

its not finalised yet, but i think there will be a little gift for those who volunteer as well :wink:

i’d be keen to help, just let me know what date so i can make sure i get it off

EDIT: mmmm just re-read original post, “over Easter”, thinking about going away, if not ill help but id say i wont be here :frowning:


happy to help hype the fuck out of it/draw lines for posters and send them around the interwebs

I’m closed on Friday and maybe Monday, willing to help, let me know if you need something else, can do tyres for w/sale, tees as prizes for example.

Sorry above was Erik, Gyp’s a bit too much on my computer…

This weekend! It’s going to be fucking rad, and its the weekend of my 21st. Yewwww! Get down. Or up.

cant wait for you guys to get up! should be a fun weekend!!

also, all you local duders head on down to musgrave park on friday and sunday for 2 big days of bikesports! polo(a given on any public holiday) on both days, ACMC points events quick lock, footdown etc on friday and texas twins/tallbike fun on sunday!

also dont forget jeremy’s orienteering course friday night :wink: and if any of the non-couriers would like to participate on sarturday (shirts im looking at you!) just get in contact with either myself, brett simon or rooty, or come down friday arvo for more info!

Yo Nate wait for the Melburn boys before quicklock!!! i wanna see lachie and lachie face off again. rog on the pigfucker. most of us will be up fri evenninng. hold out!

Guess we could hold some of that stuff off till sunday if you guys arnt getting into that night,will talk to simon today, we will be graced with the presence of the world famous melbourne kings rider :stuck_out_tongue:

midday polo and bike sportz
the sun is out
the beer is chilled and so am i

i heard they’re all a pack o cunce.

Haha, no foolin, so I was clicking through fox at my parents, went past trinny and susanna in aus, saw they were in melb so stopped and who else do I see ride through a shot? Some <think of a better word next time> melb kings rider:p defs becoming an international superstar these days pip, haha

Have fun up there!!!
I’m in Sydney

some pictures from the saturday race
Flickr: Truck Cooper’s Photostream

yo marty, where did you put the creek crossing photos?