Action Shots

Hey guys,
I think we should get a Photo thread going like on tricktrack
Ill get it going
today i went Dirtjumping

Then we went to the skatepark,

good times, hope to see more shots from you guys

Oh, Sweet as, Great idea. Will you accept photos of people going really fast on fixies or is it just Tricks?

How can you tell from a photo how fast someone is going?

It may be blurred or distorted. You can alter how a picture looks by adjusting aperture and the shutter.

according to heisenberg’s principle, the more blur we see in a photo, the more we know about it’s motion, and vice versa (can’t tell squat from a photo with no blur)


where deltax is change in position, deltap is change in momentum, and hbar/2 is equal to 1.66*10^-34

but if you’re willing to give us the constants of shutter speed, as well as a precise measurement of the blur, we are able to figure it out using the simple equation


where velocity is equal to blur over shutter speed

it’s quite simple really

haha nice.
Thank you for scientifically destroying my sense of worth on these forums :wink:

any time, any place :wink:

Nice to see you’ve put that frame to good use Sam.

this is gold.

How long before all these lads buy a bmx?


How long before fixie riders buy a road bike?



A few from today.

yeah lets keep this going!
that jump looks fun as
some from my lunch time ride on 26s and loving it!

deffintaly more on the way!


I just found this thread, Nice shots markee!!
missed ya on sunday!

Where dose everyone else live/ride?

ok sorry the images are not inserted properly

bike check???

do you mean what bike is jack riding?

its a 26’’ charmer with P-fix components