Ad Watch

So is Blane really a courier? Where’s his sah-weet fixay?


Rojor that one.


haven’t you seen his sweet cargo courier setup? Car-Gone Couriers. Good dude.

^ Pity the cargo bike didn’t get a gig. I hope Advil cough up for the next alleycat…


and Blane’s also responsible for the ridiculous fibreglass bike sound system thing that’s been at fair few races etc.

Forgot to lock your bike up at :12 seconds Blane!

The funniest thing about this is that he was flown to Sydney to do the ad because none of the Sydney couriers who auditioned “looked courier enough”

Can someone who reads the Melbourne Age and / or Sydney Morning Herald keep an eye out for me please? Apparently the Kangaroo Island TV ad I did for SA Tourism is being printed in those two papers soon…

just look in the mirror if you want to see yourself you sexy beast

you’re too much.

Sweet, someone please link!

Let Yourself Go - South Australia. A brilliant blend.

Look for the green jumper.

The dinner party scene?? Wow just wow


My wife is also in it. The back of her head and her right arm is in that scene too. She’s pretty happy about that.