[ADEL.] Bike Swap Meet, Polo and Alley Cat TOMMOROW (07.03.09).

Exteremley late notice, but…

Bike Swap Meet, Polo and Alley Cat TOMMOROW (07.03.09).

The swap meet is at “Format” (I have no idea what this is, but it’s something to do with Fringe I think) @ 145 Hindley Street, (opposite Rocket Bar) 2 til 6pm. The alley cat is afterwards, I’m assuming from the same location.

I have no idea about where the polo is though.

Format festival is DIY and street art festival. Pretty rad, but ofcourse I’d say that…

Damn I was at format on Thursday and didn’t hear anything about this :frowning:

any swaps cumin up?

Swap meet, polo and racing, all on the same day? I’ve heard of German efficiency but this is ridiculous :wink:

The swap meet was great, some sweet stuff there.The venue was grungy, the polo started later, (swapped a few mallets for parts though).
I dont know if anyone pimped their bike with all the goodies Bonnie brought along though.

But still, this had all the hallmarks of a mini urban-bicycle-festival.