[ADEL] le Tour de Fixie 31.01.09

From the PTE / ABMA email…

alrighty guys and girls
next saturday 31st jan at 7am we will be meeting at the rotunda by the torrens in the city to ride to the top of mount lofty
we will be on fixies and i suggest you would be too, but if your not, thats fine
mucho respecto will be given to peeps who rock up on fixies, and even more if you make it to the top.
the route will pretty much be from the city to the top in the shortest route possible if i have anyting to do with it.
bring plenty of water, your phone/wallet to call a taxi/ambo and possibly spare toe straps
see yas there

It’s on this Saturday (28.02). Same details as before.

I’m not tuff enuff to do it.


By the way Jolan, I replied to your private message but something went wrong… Basically, thanks for the heads up on the SE Lager! I think I’ll pick it up and I’ll be keen for a ride as soon as I do. :evil:

Any details on how this went? I’m attempting the freeway to Stirls next week with some mates and really don’t know how much pain I’m in for :stuck_out_tongue:

you will be fine on a 70ish-inch street gear, just grind away. even a rubbish climber like me can get up on about a 90 inch, it hurts but its doable.

Riley got one other rider for it, it wasnt me (shame).

He is quite keen to run it again I believe.