[ADEL] Mash Dash For The Cash 23.01.09

Here’s the deal, race up a six level carpark, get the item at the top, race back down. First one down with the item is the winner… The carpark features quite long sections that gradually go up, so it should be interesting. Any bikes allowed, but a lower geared SS with brakes might be your best best. Sadly I don’t own one of those.

Watch out for Donkey Kong!

so is there only one item at the top or multiples?

I have no idea. I’m assuming mutiples, so the race back down decides the winner.

be funny if it was a couple of slabs of beer. imagine the look on the guys faces when they got to the top

It’d be even funnier if you had to drink, then ride back down.

who’s organising this…
heading west from melburn to visit for the week catch the TDU…woudln’t mind coming down to check out the ADL scene and help out with this “dash”…checkpoints (if any ??) or other organisation during the event…

looking fwd to the council of doom screening too…

good week to be in ADL.

The guys from ABMA (Adelaide Bicycle Messengers Association) and Area 101 are doing this race. No check points that I know of, but I could be wrong.

Wow the stuff that turns up when ya dig hard enough into the internet

Big Jim?
Hahaha, nice one.
How’s life on the Gold Coast?

It cool out here but fucking zero flexn goin on just me rollin hahn