[ADEL] Tuesday Night Fixed™

Tuesday Night Fixed. Meet at The Exeter (Rundle Street) at 6pm 7pm.

On tonight.


coming down to ADL over the melbourne cup weekend…will be bringing the ride with me…anyone keen on a ride that sunday (nov 2nd) or monday (nov. 3rd) night?


I won’t be in town, but hit up the ready set ride crew on the adelaide fixed gear myspace.

Or search for Kovac in the friends.

It’s on tonight, which is the first night it hasn’t been over 35ºC for a few weeks.

Either meet at the Exeter or TapeDeck Razorblade (East Tce, near Rundle Street) at 7pm.

Well this is still happening.

Meet at the Exeter on Rundle at 6pm…

Yeh me and my mate went into tapedeck and asked about it in the summer. the chick there told us just to rock up and ‘meet the boys’. we were still in the process of building our rides though

hey zoltan i think i am coming tonight!

Who’s Zoltan? :?

But we’ll be at the Exeter round 6, drinking cheap dark ales.

So for a rough idea, what sort of route do you take for the ride?

Last night we headed towards Brighton along the tram line, then train line (mainly sticking to the back streets), stopped at Brighton Jetty for a beer, cut through Glenelg for food and, then headed back towards Thebarton (to the Wheaty) via Netley so we could see some planes land (which is more exciting than it sounds).

That was one of the longer rides we’ve done for a while. It was awesome though.

If anyone is interested, we’re thinking of hitting up Edwardstown Velodrome tonight. It may be lit up cause of footy training. The only downfall is we may have random footballs kicked at us… either way, it should be fun!

Meet at the Exeter at six.

Don’t reckon the ride is on tonight… I won’t be there, and the weather’s looking average.

Should be on tonight, if this weather report is correct…

"A few showers easing to a shower or two in the afternoon and evening. Moderate to fresh southwesterly winds, easing to a moderate southerly in the evening. "

It was almost blue skies riding to work this morning!

Back in town and assuming I get a chance to replace the gravel in my BB for bearings, I’ll be out tomorrow night if it’s going on.

ps. Jolan, hope the black eye recovered from the car park the other week.

It’s on tonight.

shit came up so didn’t get the chance to fix the bike. Next week…

Hope there’s a ride on 14th. My first of many Tuesday night rides.

Can’t believe I’m going to be there in 2 weeks!

You know there will be.

I might even have a new bike for it.

Ooo. Bet you’re seeing a load of awesome stuff out there! You bought anything yet?