Adelaide bike tag...?

Anyone interested in doing this Adelaide? The Melbourne version is here and looks kind of fun.

I was just thinking this the other day! I’m in!


I think we should stick to the CDB and more “well known” suburbs. I don’t really want to be hunting down some random back street in Salisbury.

Tag is on!

bring it on

trawling that thread last night had me thinkin that too. maybe borders should be West tce, sth tce, east tce hackney/mann rd, robe tce, and park tce. This would limit it to Adelaide and nth Adelaide.

Alright cool. I’ll be scouting for locales tomorrow.

i’ll start it off with an easy one

not sure where that is, any tips? u sure you are within the boundaries as set out above?

Adelaide, where dreams go to rust…

riding a fixie induces a zen like state removing all pre existing boundaries. i hope one day you find what you are looking for…

Come on now Alex, have a bit o’ fun!

When I read this thread title I thought you meant an actual game of tag across the city on bikes, which I had also been tempted to try…

come one ZLTN, next one can’t be within a block of your work!

Sorry, it was this morning when I was on my way in…

You’ve got me stumped now though.

I think I better get into this having moved to Ade on Sunday. It might teach me how to get around this city.

That one’s easy! But I’m a bit too far away to play.

Got me stumped too. Looks like I’ll be riding to work a bit more for this I think.

Seeing I can’t play at the moment, would it be alwright if I gave a clue?

Needing a hint!