[Adelaide] I Need A Job!

Just starting a thread as it could be an ongoing then where anybody can send an appeal.

I finished at Toll on Friday unfortunately, due to my visa restricting me to 6 months with any employer. I’ve applied for a job at JT but never heard back, Ace-It didn’t have enough hours, and the temping agency I signed up with today weren’t very promising.

Anybody know of any not too specialised jobs going? I have worked in supermarkets as a teenager, and TV for the past 5 years till I came here. My TV jobs involved alot of not TV-specific skills. Updating various databases, liasing with clients and companies both internationally and locally, distribution… But, as it’s may be temporary, I am open to just about anything, for any length of time. Data-entry, manual work, retail, whatever. Just want to pay bills and eat.

BTW - Don’t have a Driver’s license.