Adelaide to close?

Robert Doyle…ready…fire…aim…

(actually, I’ve been to Adelaide…he might have a point :evil: )

We could at least give 'em back the Grand Prix.

I’ve only been to adelaide during the fringe (as my work takes me there) and it’s pretty fun. Everyone in Adelaide says that those 4 weeks are pretty much the only thing of interest for the year though!

What does he think is so contradictory about Briz :?

does that mean he likes perth? or is that too far away…

he needs to got to the cot on a sunday to experience the finer things perth has to offer too.

edit: radelaide retorts.

Greater Brisbane. He doesn’t think it’s so great.

Every city/town/village has great things and shit things. To sit there and bag out other cities is completely unconstructive and downright damaging, but I guess we all know the Doyle is a Douche anyway. Having moved from Melbs to Brissy there is plenty I miss about my home town, however there is plenty I will miss about Brissy when my contract is up.

Thanks Dan - I will miss you too.

He sounds like an idiot.

And we don’t need the GP, we’ve got the Clipsal, which is 4 days of morons hooning around the city in “wicked” cars and wanting fight everyone.

You can have it, but we’ll keep the TDU.

when i first read this thread title i thought it said ‘adelaide too close’. and i kinda agreed with that too.

robert doyle = denny crane.


Robert Doyle = Denny Crane minus Shatner

are those comments about other cities taken out of context or is this dude that much of a douche?

You guys are misunderstanding Robert Doyle. He’s a shitstirrer, by his own admission. He has almost no authority as lord mayor and he says stuff to generate talk.

eg. hailing cabs in the CBD should be banned.

see above comment re: denny crane

I don’t watch that show :slight_smile:

craziness! and i heard you were a man of refined taste…

to be perfectly honest, the time while the fringe is on is probably one of the worst times of the year. So many annoying people out and about with very few things worth seeing…

I dont understand the attraction to that overwrought, and unfunny television program.

sucks balls is what it does



Wipeout, now thats a show!


Hmmm…they must’ve been talking about somebody else.

heh. as a visitor for the week feb 28 - mar 9, I had a ball. Soundwave at one end, WOMADelaide at the other, all sorts of fringe stuff (and Marcus Intelex!) in between.

My cousins did say March wasn’t representative of the entire year, though…