adelaide to melbourne ride.

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Thoughts on doing this in December with a small group.
Wondering if this is really a damn boring route.
Would the coast be windy? Down Goolwa way? it adds alot of kms, but would the scenery be worth it?
Getting out of Adelaide near Grafers looks hilly, is it doable fixed, as thats what most of the guys in the group will be riding?
Any other thoughts about SA to help the trip, id be hyped to hear them.


this may help

I am really blowing this.
heres the link of the route.
Adelaide SA, Australia to Melbourne VIC, Australia - Google Maps


you wouldnt want to take that route on a bike unless you wanted to die

either of boredom or by a caravan

Surely Fyxo posted a route when he rode here for the TDU?

I’m not entirely sure it’s illegal to cycle on the freeway between Adelaide and Murray Bridge, but I have a feeling it is. Would definitely get you some attention by the cops regardless.

I’m planning to ride to my folks place east of Tailem Bend in January, will be taking ‘scenic’ routes via Strathalbyn/ Wellington there and Palmer/Mt Torrens on the way back.

I wouldn’t want to do either of those fixed, but they may be more interesting options for you to look at.

Aldgate Valley Road and Paris Creek Road are both really nice roads on the way to / from Strath.

Freeway is illegal on bicycle, as Andre Griepel found out after a TDU stage a few years back.

This. Too many trucks and B-doubles. Quickest route in a car, boring as bat shit.

Boiracer and JK are talking about a more scenic route, 1050kms, maybe they will chime in.

Anyone end up doing this?

Not that I know of.