Adelaide Tweed Ride 2012

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Tweed Ride is next Sunday 29th July, Adelaide Town Hall @ 12pm

Whose going?

More importantly, do I wear my itchy tweed pants and go for authenticity at the sacrifice of being in itchy pants all day? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be there with bells on, tweed too.

There is a best dressed comp and I hear the judges have prizes coming out of their beards, therefore plenty of winners.

Damn the organisers of this again. Always clashes with pedal prix. Me and mr13 will miss out again. 2x Raleigh 20’s beggin to be ridden in an event like this. Oh well, shit happens.

Next Sunday isn’t the 29th. Unless you’re in the future.

Elements of the past and future combining together to create something not quite as good as either.

Back to the DeLorean Marty…