So it’s actually an old bike, with some new bits, but I feel like it’s new given that I’ve hardly put a leg over it for about two years.

[li]Cannondale track frame & fork from 2003.
[/li][li]Dura-Ace 165 track cranks.
[/li][li]Super Toughness chain (super noisy too).
[/li][li]Thomson post & stem (stem is real short, post is way too long).
[/li][li]Oury grips.
[/li][li]Fizik Arione saddle (they’re practically made for my butt).
[/li][li]XTR front wheel (a 26" up front allows for bar spins, which I can do fine on a bmx, but I eat shit when I try them on this, though I hope that one day I’ll eat enough shit to master them).
[/li][li]Corima rear disc (picked up 2nd hand in Tokyo, no idea of it’s heritage, but it was in reasonable condition for the asking price (P.S., if you ever have to build an impromptu wheel box to get something home on a flight, do not use an empty box of a box of eggs - I got stuck at customs due to the risk of importing avian flu)). I’m going to chalk-board paint the disc so I can draw ladybugs and stuff like that on it, maybe a spiel for Hipsters Anonymous. Oh, and fitting a tubular is less fun than sitting naked on a cactus.
[/li][li]Rad red bell from Tokyo.

How are your balls with a seatpost angle like that?

If you knew roguedubb, you wouldn’t be asking that question.

It’s almost like the old days this week.

Feels good doesn’t it?

I love it. Makes me want to go and buy stuff from tokyo.

No egg boxes, I wouldn’t have even thought of that! sounds like a good tip!
To continue on a somewhat eggy topic
I’m also using eggbeaters, have been for about 4 months now, how are you finding the wear on yours?

can we get a driveside picture?

If I ride without any tilt I feel like I’m going to face-plant the handle-bars. The decreased blood flow also helps to keep my sperm count down and means I don’t need to pee very often.

Eggbeaters last me about two years. I could probably ride them longer, but I don’t fancy the idea of a catastrophic pedal failure. By that time I need new cleats and shoes anyway and I tend to end up with missing end-caps somehow and they get a bit clunky after being knocked around on things like gutters and stairs.

I don’t have internet at home and there’s no working camera at work, so the drive-side shot will have to wait.

I’ll bring it out on a Shaturday ride soon.

does it make anyone else feel a little bit sick?

hrmm bar spins and a rear disc… nice…

brakeless on tubs? is that kosher?

You really have to know roguedubb to understand the rightness of this bike.
But it wouldn’t be right for anyone but him.

you ride this on street?

have you ever been blow over?

Been riding it around for about a week. So far I haven’t noticed any difference in handling, but it hasn’t been windy. When it does get windy I want to take it out somewhere I won’t get blown into traffic and see how it feels. The only things different about the disc & tubular I have noticed so far are; the awesome swooshy noise when cornering and how well it transmits every single bump and crack in the road.

Brakeless on a tubular is working out fine. I’m not skidding on it (well, until snowflake makes me) - putting a new one on is such a pita and so I want this one to last as long as possible. The disc doesn’t have any braking surface either.

Tokyo was ok for bikes, mainly business people riding around insanely (hold an umbrella while talking on the phone, don’t look while merging, they seem to rely upon having bike-of-way in every situation, 99% of bikes were step-throughs). Osaka had more variety and stuff like tied/twisted spokes/discs, lots of shiny shiny.