Advice - Bike Computer for Bikepacking

Hey legends, my brother has shown interest in getting a bike computer for him to use when out in the national parks for navigating or following a pre specified route. I have no idea about stuff like this (or anything for that matter), so brains trust. Whats good out there these days?


i just try (and usually fail) to follow @MikeD

I still think the standard is a Garmin etrex 20 or 30.

Runs on AA batteries or USB power from a dynamo.

Lithium AA’s will last a week or more with the screen on low.

Not great to use to plot a route but great for following existing routes but use a phone for that.

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If you want to get deep into the weeds on all the options…

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Nice - I was directed to this podcast. But before I could listen to it my brother went on a ride with Ty during the week. I think we have a solution sorted, he is just looking into it. Pretty much the Etrex will do what he is after.

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