Advice on new Hoops for Summer

Hey Folks, I am thinking of doing a new wheel build for Summer given my my trusty Fixed commuter will be used more recreationally.

I was thinking about a HPSon Formation Face (2 Cross, 32) and a Archetype Front (maybe Radial 32), I figure this will look a bit more bling than my current DTSwiss RR585 Rear (Miche Primato Track Hub) and Malvic Cosmic front.

The Hplus Son rims seem popular and they look pretty nice, is there anything else worth considering ? I am keen on going a little deeper on the rear and I may look at lacing to a Phil or WI hub unless I am wasting my money and I should go a Formula or Novatec ?

Thanks in advance.

Why not get matching rims? Velomine do a range of H+Son rims laced to various hubs.

EDIT: I prefer matching wheels unless there’s a trispoke or something involved.

Yeah I wanted to have a deeper rear for looks, I didn’t want the front to be too heavy under steering either. Ill have a look what there matching wheels look like on Velomine anyhow.

theres a local feller selling a set of Hplusson EERO in black, laced to DA7600 hubs

pm user ‘viv’


Yeah I saw those for sale on a Facebook group, I don’t mind the EERO but they are about 100g heavier than the Formations, I also would prefer a sealed bearing hub. Thanks anyhow :slight_smile:

Does anyone ride with Hplus and Son Formation Face wheels ? How do they feel, I would imagine they are a little on the heavy side.


If your main objective is a specific look, then it probably doesn’t matter. Just buy what you like the look of. For deep rims, they don’t weigh as much as B43’s. Also if you want a lighter wheel on the front, get a wheel built up with less spokes than the rear.