Aero tubing road frame

Tange Aero Road Bike Frame Shimano Dura ACE AX Aero Post | eBay

Thinking about purchasing this, but getting clamp on downtube cable stops maybe difficult…?

I almost bought this when he had it on BNA, he wanted 350. Do like

the paint is shit, just get some cable guides brazed on then paint it.

go away Kit.

i want it. :stuck_out_tongue:

and be shushed sime. no brazing shit on that.

Looks too big for you!

It has a top mount aero shifter boss so you could try machine something to suit that, but honestly it’s pretty average and not amazingly built by the looks of it with the cable guides.
They could be ground off I guess and it would make a great pub/cheap roadie but I don’t think I’d spend much on it

Paging Pinzo

56x58 is perfect for my dumb long legs and not that big but big enough torso/arms.

Totally didn’t see that threaded boss ontop of the DT, sorry, proceed.

Yeah I did a double take when I saw it a few days ago. Makes me wonder where that paint job originated from - or maybe just coincidence. My McBain has a peachy/tuna colour between the grey and purple that this doesn’t appear to have.

this will be mine. i have a distinct dislike for anything that isn’t 1 or 10+ speed, but the quirkiness of ax has always pushed my buttons.

dude has a bit of a thread on it on BNA if you need more info etc.

i also have a distinct dislike for bna, but i guess i’ll wander over:p

You better win it Asher.

First dibs when Asher flips it.

muhahahaha tis mine

Did you snag it?

Used Shimano DX 600 Brake Levers Calipers Japan Vintage Oldschool Bike Brakes | eBay

i like it.

@westcoastpete 600 is cool but, DA or GTFO

also, if i’m not mistaken those brakes are for a non recessed frame