AFL Grand Final 2009

Carn the Saints

Go All Blacks.

St Kilda, so I can see my Dad cry.

You forgot the “I don’t give a toss” option.

then why worry about coming into the thread?

There’s no need to get upset. Have a chamomile tea or something.

not upset, just wondering why you would bother going into a thread when you clearly see the topic and you already dont care. your logic confuses me.

Ahhh…don’t assume the presence of logic :slight_smile:

ha ha, eeeeaaaaasy. I voted. :evil:

I do love footy but I don’t care about either of these teams.

All good.

i don’t like the saints. not at all.

Took my 2 boys to the Saints’ open training yesterday - just us and several thousand of our closest friends. The whole of Moorabbin was a carpark.

Ankle deep in mud on the hill with a kid on my shoulders - now that’s footy :smiley:

go nicky dal. goddard for norm smith

I’m torn on who I wish to loose the most. go pies!!!

Severe bias towards St. Kilda here. What odds are you going to offer on Geelong then?

Whatever the result, Get ready for tipped cars and burning couches in Geelong Saturday night…

I thought as a general rule cyclists didn’t follow football… :mrgreen:

haha just shit stiring

I don’t, but the grand final is a significant event because it’s a good time to be riding on a Saturday afternoon because there’s less traffic, and it’s a bad Sunday morning because of all the broken glass.

+1 good logic.

Pity I don’t have my Durano Plus tyres yet for Sunday morning… :x

2007 and 2008 GF’s I lived above a shop on Swan St Richmond… it was fucking hell…

Isn’t the bigger underlying issue that hipsters are too cool for footy?

I reckon the Saints would be worried after Geelong humiliated Collingwood.