AHBPC '11 Team Colours

btw Johnson - best polo thread ever

and i haven’t started talking about #tigerblood yet.

love it. whats polo without shit talking, piss taking, blood spilling and tear jerking , in fact, any exchange of bodily fluids…

purple is the best colour ever! i was stoked when i got to claim it first. it wasn’t even on the list but i was all - purple, please, need there even be an option??

i had no idea you felt this way V :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i actually thought the green was really nice, but DanW hated it.

Your purple was a much better colour than the Screaming Baguettes t-shirts! I am starting to warm to the colour (maybe just a little bit). My wheel covers are still on.

I really loved both the teams that I played for wearing it - I just don’t want to have another purple team shirt - it might start to take away the specialness of Purple Reign and the Screaming Baguettes

ahh yes, i forgot it’s a two in a row thing for you.

i’m glad you kept the discs on!

The Majestic Pink Shafts claim “hobo dick pink”

*Swiss Round Seeded Double Elimination

i think its the Phuq Styx for the Denslow, although the Beers are a close second

Only if you wear matching lipstick


Sorry to bring things back on topic. But i think teams can be coordinated enough to get 2 sets of matching shirts together.
Each team can have their choice of colour, and a back up of something generic like black for if you are playing a team who’s the same colour.

Only applies if your name is Kevin Walsh or Johnny Hunter.