AHBPC '11 Team Colours

This might be a bit over the top. But I was thinking it might be a good idea to “claim” colours for your team at nationals to avoid doubling up.

Just taking about the shirt colour also, not overly concerned about the print colour.

If people are in to this idea, let me know and I will update this post when more teams but their colours in.

Phuq Styx - Charcoal

We were thinking of doing this.
We are going to require teams to have two shirts of different colours, so that they can swap if they are playing a team of the same colour.
I’ll probably get rob to add it to the rego form when we get that up and running

To avoid confusion, go for colours no one else would ever pick… like salmon pink, peach or sienna?!

I think teams should have 2 different colours of their choice. You should not be forced to wear a colour just because another team claimed the colour you want first.
for the record - there is no fkn way I am wearing another purple shirt (no offence julien and erin)

whats the issue? do we really waste time discussing this before important things like the ruleset? each team just has to wear the same shirt colour and bring a spare option along. why does it need to be so formal by being ‘claimed’

brisbane worked fine and not every team even had matching shirts. alternatively, the organisers have a few soccer or netball training bibs as a reserve in case of clashes.

alright. idea wasnt the best.


no worries, but as Virginia mentioned, perhaps matching your underwear could be a better idea for when Sydney rains down the 5-0 wins.

Yeah shut the fuck up Johnson, and let’s get back to bitching about the rules, that is what the polo thread is meant to be about isn’t it? :wink:

By the way who is favourite to win the Denslow cup this year?

We’ll be playing circle the goals after a goal, right? End of rules discussion

go back to trying to draw perfect circles art boy

(insert generic bitch and moan about rules)

dont touch me etc


OMFG!!! You can’t do that, they haven’t played that way at the Annual International 3v3 Hardcourt Bicycle Polo Double Elimination Championship Invitational for years! Get with the times V!

the major leagues

no circling the goal after a goal, you only have to chug a beer.

Thank you - I think you may have found me a new team name “Circle the Goals FFS”

and beer tap outs? that will mess the edgers up!

Are you serious? This is VERY important. I don’t want anyone else to be wearing the same shirt as me*… that is just so WRONG.

*And that includes my team mates…

dont worry, you’ll still stand out, you ginger.

Not completely… we’ve got a bloody ginger playing for Sydney too

Ranga war…

Love it