Airport > Freo and f@#king backpack

Me & my fixie are finally coming to Perth from italy.
First time in Oz, therefore I don’t even know if bikes are allowed on highways!?

I took a look on google maps… from the airport which is the best road to Freo? Canning or Leach Hwy?

I’ll probably have to give up and catch a coach… don’t know yet: I’ve got no rack on my bike and 15 kilos on my back are not the best thing!

But I’ll give a try anyway so any suggestion is really appreciated (I don’t even know if coach can take aboard my unmounted bike big bag).

Thanks to all and have a good day :slight_smile:

Bulild it and ride it. I’m not even from Perth and I know it’s easy done.

Which airport?

Domestic = Great Eastern Highway/Canning Highway.

International = Leach Highway.

Highways are okay to ride on. It’s freeways that are a no-go.

Do yourself a favour. Get on a coach. It’d be a long, not so scenic pedal along either chosen route!

When are you flying in? Someone on the forum may give you a lift if you ask nicely?!!

Coming at the international airport.
The coach seems the better option, because of the heavy backpack, but if no coaches (would they let me take my big bag bike on it?) I have no choice: ride :slight_smile:

I’m a really nice person, even in person, but hey it would be 5.30 am… (friday the 13th) I don’t think I can be so nice to ask someone to pick me up at night, but if someone can’t sleep I can at least offer a breakfast! :slight_smile: