AIS cogs $10k

From cyclingnews;

When the bike tour was over, Smith then revealed the Aussie track team’s customised sprocket collection. Each sprocket is sent to Japan for a special treatment where three microns (a micron is equivalent to one millionth of a metre) are shaved away from the interior and replaced by two microns of Ni-Cad followed by one micron of Teflon. The process costs AUD$10,000 for each set of sprockets, but Smith claims it produces a “phenomenal reduction in friction and heat dissipation.”

Jokes on them…we have Blakey working for us!!!

…oh poo… when I saw this, I didn’t percieve the ‘k’ and I thought that you’d sourced some ex-AIS cogs and were selling them for $10!

That process certainly adds to the cost of your BT, doesn’t it???

Pedal harder and save money! If the congans can compete at commgames level on a stock Avanti… word.

I have some of these cogs, given the polish / Ni-coating treatment in Japan. These are simply stock-standard Shimano CrMo cogs with the teeth polished/ground a little, then Ni coated - not sure about the Teflon (this sounds like c&b!). Teflon wouldn’t last the first lap! Can’t see any Teflon on them. They are about $100 each. (that’s 100 times cheaper!)

For those interested. I’m getting some made in Australia along these lines. Hopefully they will retail under $45 each. 15% off for pre-orders!


Stop planting seeds Rhino.

We have some Ni-plating equipment here too.


Stop planting seeds Rhino.

We have some Ni-plating equipment here too.[/quote]

Mmmm…nickel plated frame.

Let me know when you’re taking orders Blakey :wink:

Sadly, it’s for little microspecimens. A cog might fit, but no frames.