AIS Womens Cycling (Nazi?) Camp

Have a read of this… would it be something you would enjoy?

like the big brother house + the amazing race + the biggest loser.

would i do it, if it meant possibly getting to ride at the olympics / getting a pro contract / being paid to ride my bike? hell yes.

i’m exhausted just reading it.

Lisa comes into the Fitzroy Rev for bike tuning. I wasn’t aware she was that talented!

That’s awesome. SOunds a lot like those French Foreign legion camps that they do oversease. Bear Grylls did one.

Would love to do something like that. I want to be broken ha

38kph for 100 thats very good.

If you like reading about this sort of SAS training stuff (which I do) I can highly recommend ‘Warrior Training’ by Keith Fennell.

The gruelling nature of SAS selection courses picks good soldiers, hopefully this translates to picking good athletes too.

she used to ride for us, in fact.


Wow, that’s very full on.

I understand why they are doing it but I don’t think such intensity works for some very talented athletes. Some like to be moulded, droned and made into such machine athletes … might work for 80% or more. Then there’s the other type who are equally gifted and are very much outside the box who won’t last 2 days in such an environment. I’ve known some of these type of people … the odd balls, the outsiders, the naturals who on their day can beat anyone or anything no matter what you throw at them. Sometimes you can’t train brilliance … it’s just born that way.

Without having read it, it sounds like how McEwen describes Charlie Walsh in his book.