Akuna Bay, Saturday 11 August

A ride is due:

Saturday 11 August, 7:00am

Meet at the northern steps of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Ride: Spit, Wakehurst Parkway, Mona Vale, Church Point, Akuna and back via Monavale Road, Forest Way and the Wakehurst Parkway and Spit.

Second-breakfast at Neutral Bay perhaps?

Sounds great. Total Ks? I haven’t ridden for months but think I can make this one.

Sounds good.

bC how about Wednesday morning at 7am? This Wednesday coming? I’ve been off the bike for a week but I did ride out there in the rain with Marcus the week before… Awesome place to ride… One of my favorites :smiley:

It’s about 70-80ks. I haven’t been riding heaps, so the pace won’t be too quick.

I can ride on Wednesday, maybe not to Akuna Bay though. I’ll be in touch.

Chur :wink:

Well. The weather is looking a little wet and windy right now. It should ease a bit by the morning.

Alex, Ollie, I can still ride if you’re keen (either the full loop or something curtailed if the weather really is shitty), but I would probably pull the pin if no one else was riding.

Hi, I’m still in, I have a hunch most of this bad weather will blow past. If not a shortened version might be more enjoyable.

See you at the north steps - otherwise I’ll call you if I want to bail (at which time feel free to tell me to toughen up.)

Happy to ride, even If it’s grim,

Sounds like Ollie is in too, weather pending of course.

OK, I’ll be at the Northern end of the Harbour Bridge at 7:00. See you then.

“The fewer men, the greater share of honour.
God’s will! I pray thee, wish not one man more.”

Just got home, pretty knackered. Thanks again Carlin. Braving the weather was well worth it.

I guess so, but another set of shoulders to shelter behind also wouldn’t have hurt.

I didn’t really mean no one else should come, just that we should feel blessed to ride amongst such fine company.
It was a pleasure to ride with you both again.

Ollie, your dual monikers are a bit confusing. Isn’t there some kind of FOA law against two usernames?

That explains the mystery person I was waiting for at the bridge.

Anyway, thanks for a good ride.