Albert Park

Commuter tip from the Captain:
Give Albert Park & lower Sth Melb a miss unless you really have to.

With all the GP shit like road closures, thousands of extra peds, etc etc traffic down there’s been even more aggro than usual these last few days :roll:

So you’ll be taking the train to the rich part of town then?

What will you roadies do without South Melbourne, Cafe Racer and Beach Road while the race is on? :stuck_out_tongue:

We shall head south instead and have a big latte and a birchermuesli at cafe ODO (Black Rock) when we come back :smiley: .

instead of doing laps on their roadies, theyll put the ferrari out.

those F1’s are so loud… I could hear them from my house in Kew when I woke up this morning. Would hate to be living near the circuit.

Yeah tell me about it- I’m in St Kilda and it’s ridiculous…

I used to be able to hear them from my place in Hawthorn (on a bit of a hill). Remember riding to my wife (then girlfriends) place in Albert Park, opposite corner from Melb Sports and Aquatic Centre. Pretty much next to the track. Weird thing was that as I rode past the track it was deafening, but from her place you couldn’t tell if the noise was from the track or tv. Do remember how bad the traffic was though!!

yeah I’m up the top of Barkers Rd ish, must be the hill… I was really suprised to hear them this morning… or maybe it was my hangover after ‘Big Trouble not in Little China Town’