Alchemy Frame.....

OK… I know this could open all sorts of entertaining views…
But, with only a day to go this is still close to my price range, is in my size and I like the colour scheme…

Is it any good??? (for Track racing, not street fix…)

It’s Aluminium, not steel, and it’s not got the kudos of a classic, but at the current price, looks very attractive…

Geometry data is…

Effective top tube - 560mm
Head tube (Integrated) - 155mm
Head Tube angle - 74?
Seat Tube angle - 73?
BB Drop - 50mm (Implies BB height 282mm on 700-20 tyres)
Chain Stay Length - 395mm

Discuss… (but not within earshot of my wife…)

No no no. It’s all wrong and won’t be remotely appropriate for you.

Best leave it for somebody else I think.

Anyone in particular???

Me me me, only I don’t really need it.


Anyone in particular???[/quote]

Yeah me :wink:

at that price and if it does go for a 250 you cant really go wrong!
i have a mate with one he loves it. and if you dont like once you have ridin it sell it :lol:

Doesn’t matter now… It’s gone over the approved budget…