Alice to Uluru

Thinking of riding this in July, possibly detouring through some Larapinta sections if I can. Will be on off-road capable fat tyre tourer.

Extremely preliminary thoughts at the moment. Anyone been through that way, have any tips on logistics. I guess finding water will be the big issue?

Didn’t some bloke on here move to the Alice with a Surly Steamroller and ride to the rock?

EDIT: This fella

Awesome. Good start.

That is pretty much exactly what I want to do. But on a better bike. That video has me psyched.

Ahh, Prawza. Where’d he go?

Yeah, I liked him.

You doing it fixed diddy?

Hah, no. I’m taking the cushy geared option.

Ah righto. Just that it’s in the Fixed Gear section so, you know…

Oh, you’re right. I just put it here because it didn’t really fit anywhere else.

Indo for a semester of study

I drove adelaide to townsville via Darwin 2 or so years ago in summer and met two Germans riding it. Was over 40 degrees most days but they were planning to ride all the way from North to South.

Except for a few gradual up and down bits on the way to yulara it’s very flat and not too windy so you should be able to do good distance each day There’ll be water on the Stuart highway and the road between it and yulara every 100kms or so. Be prepared to carry 10L I guess? The Germans had 25 each… Crazy Germans.

you should go into Commuter and ask for Big Will… He has plans to ride the Ghan Railway this winter. He will have some tips I’d guess.

Bike is already built (Surly ECR) and has been yarra trails tested. It’s a monster and super fun to ride over curbs!

For most of Australia, I’m certainly one to carry quite a bit more water than I think I’ll need. I’d recommend a decent safety gap, but you probably won’t use it.

Getting me worried WCP. How much water were you each carrying on the Mawson?

From this old thread.

Thanks. That is just a tad more than the 5.2L I was planning on carrying…:eek:

You’ll be going quicker than us though, and you should be able to get water from this hut I mentioned:

5.2L isn’t a lot of room for error out there ATMO, but I’m overly anxious about these things, and I don’t mind carrying a bit of extra weight for it. Remember that cooking and coffee uses a bit.

A different ride to yours, but this movie is good fun. When they arrive at Uluru at the end it’s pretty awesome.

Will be following this topic closely. Sounds like it will be a tough but also great trip!

Thanks. Will reread your topic again over the weekend.

Chased up Prawi about his blog;

I met an incredible cyclist at Mataranka roudhouse a few years back. He was on his way south from Darwin. I went by him on the way south to Tennant Creek and then happened to stop at Mataranka at the same time on the way back. He was in the roadhouse drinking the free coffee for drivers so we had a good yarn. He was a podiatrist from somewhere in France, I can´t remember. He told me he works for 6 months of the year and rides for the other 6 months, ¨most people, they want a nice big house, nice car, family, you know the type… Me, I don´t care for these things. I am happy to ride and see the world¨. He had been fucking EVERYWHERE too. All of Europe, UK, Africa, America. All solo. He was so casual about it, he had no schedule or plan or anything. He just flew into Darwin and rode south. He said he would see how he feels when he gets to Alice, maybe keep going to Adelaide. I told him he had done the worst of it and the weather would get much easier the further south he went, he didn´t even seem to care.

He had a tiny little bivy and just one set of clothing, his cycling garms. Said he washed it all in the shower each night haha. He carried almost nothing. I am confident he had NO food at all. And he had about a litre of water, no more. Stopped at every roadhouse to drink the free coffee, and probably (hopefully) drink some water too. But understand that these roadhouses are hundreds of kms apart. Told me he got up really early in the morning and liked to reach his next destination before the hottest part of the day. If that wasn´t possible he would take a break and ride some more later. I met him about midday, he was planning to spend the afternoon at the Mataranka springs, camp the night and keep going the next day.

Almost an entirely irrelevant story but none the less, a very interesting man. Hopefully inspirational at least.

That feel when you´re just about to post and think hang on, how old IS this topic… oh well fuck it