Alight you skinny bastards.

Now’s your chance. - I’m looking at you Blakey and Jelmer. Angelina Jolie’s hunt for ‘skinny’ men in Australia

Edit - heading should say ‘alright’ but I kinda like alight better…

^ No tattoos kinda rules out this forum.

“up for a haircut and no tattoos would be great”[LEFT]
I need a haircut.

Blakey as a POW.

Imagine your claim to fame!

Same - I wonder if they give you the haircut before they check for your beer gut?

The entryway to the barber is actually a trapdoor. If you weigh more than 60kg you trip it and fall through.

Fat, tattooed and proud…
Sorry Angelina, maybe next time.

Alight you skinny bastards like antennas to heaven.

well done

I’d pass.

Same! No tatts, under 60kg.

I have always had a thing for Ang,
Is 179cm and 63kg acceptable?
I have no tatts and allready have shortish hair so boom.

I’ll probably be sub 60kg if I cut my hair.
I also have untouched 19 year old skin.

EDIT: “The Queensland agency is also casting Japanese men who can play soldiers in the detention camp, aged 17 to 50. (They also need to be willing to have their hair cut). It appears no acting experience is required.”

I was destined for this role.

This article did not live up to my (admittedly unrealistic) expectations.

I tick all her boxes and all she wants me for is a film? Just that? For ever or not at all Angie…

No tats!!! Pfff I’m to good looking to be a pow anyway

i’m six foot one and tonnes of fun
but by now you should take a hunch and realise i’m the fatty of the bunch