All City Dropout 'Mongrel'

Grabbed an All City Dropout frame from the recent Dirtworks clear out. Have spent the past few weeks shifting most of the parts from my Kona Bandwagon to this.

It’s a bit of a mongrel bike that’s great for commuting on bike lanes/road and bashing through dirt/gravelly tracks and parklands to shave a few minutes off the trip. I suppose it has a bit of Fresstyle DNA—but I certainly don’t have skills, or the handlebar clearance to be pulling off any mad spinz.

I’ve been experimenting with mounting a stealthy bottle opener under the saddle. It’s a prototype at the moment and therefore requires vigorous testing… :wink:

All City Dropout 56cm
All City Dropout / Odyssey Integrated
FSA Gimondi 170mm
Easton Flatboy, YNOT Pedal Straps
EAI 16t Cog / Surly Stainless 44t Chainring / KMC 710SL Chain / All City Lockring
Cinelli Pepper / Thomson Elite X4 110mm +10°
Cinelli Unicanitor, Thomson Elite Setback, Thomson Seat Collar
Odyssey EVO II, Odyssey Monolever, Odyssey SLS Slic Cable
Front & Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
H+Son SL42, 32 x DT Swiss, Formula (Origin 8) Hubs, Continental Tour Ride 700c x 47
Under-Saddle stubbie opener.

Awesome …bottle opener is great …market it. !!!

tuff! makes me wish i had trails as part of my commute!

This is rad hey! Hows the bottle opener mounted??

never mind bout the opener just saw the other thread

^ nice. Taking some inspiration as I’m planning something similar with a steamroller.

puzzled re the orientation of the collar.

does it barspin tho ???

Now that you mention it, so am I.

The split in my Kona was on the front side of the seat tube. I just popped it on how it was before. Eeep. That’s embarrassing. This feels like the bicycle equivalent of having your fly undone.

runs outside to fix

Not without my brake lever bashing the bejeezus out of the top tube.

Black cranks would be good for additional toughness.

So we’ve got two Beakers now?

Is it just me or is it ironic that All City has a frame called Dropout

Black Sram Omniums are on the ‘to be acquired’ list. Not only for aesthetic reasons but to help my chainline as the current cranks and BB are 45mm, which ain’t ideal with my 42mm rear line. I’ve had to creatively re-space the rear hub and cog to keep the chain quiet.

Has someone else got a Beaker avatar? Crap!

Oh, it’s not you. That’s fer sure. And probably why this frame is discontinued. I plan to admire the back drops while they last…

What’s the clearance like on that rear wheel? I’ve got a dropout and was considering moving up to 47c as well

About 2mm between sidewalls and the chainstays. It’s snug, that’s for sure.


I love everything about this bike.

Omniums would set it off really well.

edit: I think some wider flat bars would look cool too, then take it on some trails

Lamington, can you please change your avatar…we already have a beaker.

Looks good. You selling them?

Mind if I ask how tall you are and how well the large fits you? I’m looking to put something similar together (albeit on a smaller budget!) and am tempted by the clearance deals on these frames but at 56cm the large seems a bit small for my 192cm-tall self…

Well… not yet. It needs further tweaks. Maybe once I have a bomb-proof design I’ll post how to make your own?

I’m 178cm and the large fits me fine, perhaps a smidgen on the big side. As you can see, the seat post is fairly low down.

I could be wrong, but I think because it’s a freestyle frame, it’s meant to be a smaller fit anyway. If you want the measurements have a look here: All City Dropout Specs.

It’s a pretty bangin’ frame for only $200 (via The seat post and stem combined bloody cost more than that…

Cheers! Those specs suggest the large is much bigger than 56cm…

Ordered one in the end. At $200 it’s a steal and if it’s too small for me I’m sure the missus will be excited about the new bike her boyfriend built for her!