Alleycat mlbrn chill racing 23feb

Hi guys
For those who don’t know me I am Julien, living here in Melbourne for 5 months now.
I am organising an alleycat saturday 23rd of Feb.

here is the FB event

Let’s meet at 4pm Edi Garden close to the skate bowl
Race start at 4:30pm
5 Dollars to get in

Finish at 99Problems 31 Johnston Street

After the race and the prizes, we will watch the ParisBerlin2012 movie around 9pm, movie filmed by the French crew Paris Chill Racing last july.
Me and my friend created ParisChillRacing many years ago in Paris, here is our blog in case you are curious about us.

Last July we did ride from Paris to Berlin fixed and after 1250km we stays few days there. We made a movie about that trip.

Here is the trailer - Paris - Berlin - 2012 - OFFICIAL TEASER on Vimeo
Here is ParisBerlin2012 website most of the content is in French sorry

Spread the word to people you know who could be interested

Be there !


Thanks to
99 Problems
Saint Cloud
Santa Cruz

I really hope people have to eat seriously spicy food at each check point. Would be a winner for sure.

nothing less than crazy wings

Check pointing!

I’d come watch but I’ll be out of the Melbourne area! Next time

Wow, you’re pretty young to be organising an alleycat…not to mention using a computer.

Just a question, will 1st, 2nd or 3rd place be receiving lights from Knog? because my Knog lights have died and I shall be racing this with the view of replacing them. cheers.

If you are racing, and Knog lights are to be won, I shall be racing you with the view of keeping you from winning said lights. cheers.

yes! me too :smiley:


there are some lights to win (a pair of small one and two rear one :slight_smile: ) but also some other stuffs from Santa Cruz and Saint Cloud, so far we didnt decide of the prizes

might split between fixed and not fixed though

haha :slight_smile:

I am really bad using that forum

Lightning strikes and the Knog lights get dim. Supreme competition is about to begin …

So brakeless fixed gear bikes only?

any bikes are welcome but the prizes will be divided by category
see you there !

this is what happened last saturday in Paris
see you all this saturday at 4pm in Edi Garden close to the bowl !

Spokecards ready for saturday see you there

Are you going to be on your dirt bike jelmer? Otherwise I am going to destroy you. (Not checkpointing.)

dayum, would’ve loved to do this. Iv got the MS Cycle the next day, unfortunately too much action for a newbie fixie. :slight_smile: