Alloy frame dent!

Hey everyone

Just wondering if you can tell me if I can still ride this. Don’t really want to buy a new frame as I just got it like 2 months ago.

Did it this arvo because of some dickhead driver clipping me near the west end ferry stop, don’t think he/she noticed because when I got up he/she wasn’t there. Not happy


Seen plenty of frames in service with bar slaps on the TT although that looks like a pretty decent one. Looks from your pics like a ding rather than a crease/bend in the TT? Check that surface cracking very carefully, take it to a frame builder if you are unsure. If it’s only the paint that’s cracked you’ll probably be OK to ride but a good frame builder would be able to confirm, could pull it out and repair if not too far gone.

Unwrap your handlebar and check it over too.

Go put it under the back wheel of ya mums car dude, the excess is gonna be cheaper than a new bolt. If the dint turns out to be ok you scored a rad pub frame :slight_smile: #fullstop

My advice is to change your username.

Then just ride it and see if it breaks.

dear new user,

this is excellent advice.

yours truly,

the FOA moderators.

Yeah something more subtle and punny like “SnowJob”