Allycat question?

How does a Bloke organise one?
Are they illegal?
Is there a format?

A) Plan an event. Pick a date. Make some flyers. Advertise through the usual channels (i.e. this forum, fyxomatosis, shifterbikes, word of mouth, other forums etc etc)

B) Technically … yes.

C) No … as long as it’s fun and there’s a prize at the end, no one really cares what the format is.

BTW, I have absolutely nada experience organising one.


Might have a go at organising one.



find me, ask me, i shall elucidate and educate.

i disagree/agree with Des.

Technically they are LEGAL, but the riding styles they induce are ILLEGAL, no?

There is no format, and hopefully no two are alike.

The only thing I suggest is dont bite off more than you can chew your first time in an attempt to ‘own’.

I would have thought that organising a race that makes use of public roads without some sort of permit is illegal. Or … if you mean that an alleycat is a “gathering of bicycle riders, riding to a pre-determined destination”, which is perfectly above the law, then I suppose technically, it’s legal.


like the ad says, it’s not a race. it’s a ride with a result…

I think I be ready soon ish

let me know if you need a hand with marshals (i got one who’ll want to help to maintain the fact that she’s marshaled every cat since the first one) , or laminating or any of the other stuff.

Cleared a bunch of sh1t out of my life over the new year break to make more time for bikin’ this year. Can help out as req’d so gimme a shout if you want.


id also be more than happy to help out :slight_smile:

pm me if any help is needed :slight_smile: